Treatment Technologies & Insights, Inc

Full Stack Engineer
Oct. 2023 – Present
  • Led the development of Draco from scratch, an in-house AWS ECS-hosted DICOM web service, using Python and Flask; engineered code architecture, continuous deployment pipelines, and reduced data retrieval times from over a minute to under 5 seconds and played a crucial role in securing a million dollar project budget through improved performance.
  • Developed backend APIs for a Wave Health mobile app using Laravel including services written in TypeScript/JavaScript with GraphQL. Implemented robust security policies and optimized backend processing to improve system efficiency and reliability, including migrations and unit tests (PHPUnit, and Pest).
  • Designed and integrated Laravel-based backend solutions, including dynamic onboarding and database schema migrations.
  • Directed the development of a comprehensive Treatment Plan feature, enabling push and in-app notifications for the treatment and medication reminders, significantly enhancing user engagement and app functionality.

Sylvane, Inc

Software Engineer
May. 2022 – Sept. 2023
  • Integrated XPO Logistics API into the existing supply chain logistics framework along with Unit Testing to provide cost-effective shipping alternatives.
  • Migrated the Amazon seller module from deprecated SOAP-based Amazon MWS to REST-based Amazon SP-API.
  • Led the Walmart fulfillment implementation with the Walmart marketplace APIs, addressing product data mismatches and deploying timely patches, ensuring accurate inventory and order processing.
  • Written custom NetSuite scripts in TypeScript and JavaScript to add functionality, such as integrating notes into the purchase order using SuiteScript, streamlining operations, and enhancing data accuracy.
  • Developed a video sitemap command to fetch media from MySQL and MongoDB databases, enhancing video content indexing on search engines which improved our site's SEO ranking.
  • Resolved critical accessibility issues in compliance with A360 guidelines, significantly reducing the risk of accessibility-related legal challenges.
  • Executed Jenkins migration and developed PHP commands for automation based on cron jobs, enhancing operational efficiency and system reliability.
  • Created a user-centric air quality index page, leveraging location data to suggest relevant products, boosting user engagement and promoting product visibility.

Kennesaw State University

Graduate Research Assistant (GRA)
Aug. 2021 – Dec. 2022
  • Published a pioneering research paper, "Poster: AsyncFedKD: Asynchronous Federated Learning with Knowledge Distillation," in IEEE Chase, advancing Federated Learning by integrating asynchronous training and knowledge distillation to optimize model efficiency on edge devices using the cancer dataset.
  • Implemented AsyncFedKD using Python, TensorFlow, and other key data science tools, achieving an 88% accuracy on a sensitive mammography cancer dataset, thereby demonstrating significant potential for medical applications in privacy-preserving environments.

Purdue University

Teaching Assistant (TA)
Jan. 2021 – Jul. 2021
  • Assisted a professor in grading homework and exams, as well as proctoring exams for CS 364: Introduction to Database Systems and CS 331: Introduction to C++ and Object-Oriented Programming, contributing to the effective delivery and assessment of key courses.

Birch Blue LLC

Full Stack Developer
Jan. 2020 – Dec. 2020
  • Led the backend development of the 1search.co and diverse client projects, significantly enhancing response times under peak load through optimizations and robust architecture utilizing multi-threading and pseudo-threads like gevent.
  • Developed scalable and maintainable backend systems in Python, employing the Strategy design pattern and leveraging tools such as Docker, Kubernetes, Flask, Couchbase, BeautifulSoup, Pandas, and NumPy.
  • Built enhanced business functionality and service delivery by collaborating with clients to engineer tailored backend solutions with Laravel, Node.js, GraphQL, and various other technologies to develop innovative software solutions.
  • Authored high-quality, scalable code adhering to best practices in software design, ensuring maintainability and efficiency across multiple platforms.
  • Oversaw comprehensive backend development and infrastructure deployment for the 1search.co website, utilizing a tech stack that included Python, Flask, MySQL, Docker, Kubernetes, Couchbase, and Linode
  • Designed and implemented efficient API endpoints that deliver data in JSON format, dramatically reducing load times through the adept use of multi-threading and pseudo-threads like Gevent.
  • Worked with a broad array of technologies, including Python, Node.js, Flask, Kubernetes, Terraform, Docker, Couchbase, Linux, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Laravel, with foundational knowledge in Machine Learning, to provide versatile and innovative software solutions.
  • Developed a Spring Boot microservice leveraging WebSocket for real-time communication with APIs, displaying results upon completion of real-time scraping.


  • Master of Science (MS) in Computer Science, Aug. 2021 - Dec. 2022
    Kennesaw State University · GPA: 4.0
  • Bachelor of Engineering (BE) in Computer Science, Aug. 2015 - Jun. 2019
    Osmania University · GPA: 3.94 (86 / 100)


  • Backend Development
  • Optimization
  • Software Engineering
  • Machine Learning
  • Artificial Intelligence



Laravel, Symfony, Doctrine, Eloquent, WordPress Plugin and Drupal Module Development

Python Logo


Flask, Scraping, Tensorflow, scikit-learn, PyTorch, NetworkX, Gunicorn, BeautifulSoup, Pillow, Selenium, Matplotlib, gevent, Pandas, and NumPy

Java Logo


Core Java, Spring Boot, Hibernate, JPA, JUnit, Maven, Guava, Apache Kafka, and Log4j

Java Logo


Node.js, Gulp, Vue, Express.js, Ember, jQuery, Webpack, AWS SDK, GraphQL, AngularJS, and React

Data Structures & Algorithms

Searching, Sorting, Bit Manipulation, Nearest Neighbor search, Trees, Graphs, AI, Brute-force, Heaps, Greedy, and Dynamic Programming

Databases / Datastores

MySQL, PostgresSQL, Redis, DynamoDB, Elasticsearch, Apache Kafka, MongoDB, Couchbase, SQLite, and PostGIS

Web Design and Development

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Leaflet.js, Vue.js, Bootstrap 4, Sass/SCSS, and WebSockets

Machine Learning

Federated Learning, Knowledge Distillation, Neural Networks, Approximate Nearest Neighbor, and Data Visualization


Kubernetes (K8s), Docker, GitHub Workflows, AWS Pipeline, Terraform, Gunicorn, Bash Scripting, Vim, and Linux

Unity C#

Blender, Low-Poly, Vector Algebra, Calculus, Trigonometry, 2D, 3D, and Procedural Generation

C++ Logo


Meta Programming/Templates, RapidJSON, Flex, Bison, Catch2, and Standard Library

Version Control

Git, SVN, Rebase, GitLab, Git SSH, and Github

Open-source Projects

Mozilla Web of Things Framework

Web Things PHP / Mozilla's WebThings Framework


A Web of Things server implementation for PHP based on the Web Things API Specification by Mozilla. The library is built on top of the ReactPHP and my new library Crimson.

View on Github WebThings Frameworks

Range Queries on Location Data / Google S2, and Leaflet


This project finds the nearby restaurants using the given coordinates (latitude, and longitude) and radius displayed on the Leaflet Maps using the Google S2 Cells and CellIds and shows the cell coverings for each restaurant.

View on Github

Deep Learning Search Engine / Vector Modeling


This project implements a Deep learning search engine by transforming the text to vector using the pretrained model like Universal Sentence Encoder and performs the indexing using the Microsoft's SPTAG and presents the top ranked results with either the L2 or Cosine distance. This project won the 1st prize in the KSU Fall 2022 Hackathon by Microsoft.

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reCAPTCHA Lite / WordPress plugin


The reCAPTCHA Lite protects your WordPress site from the bots, brute-force attacks, spam, and abuse. This plugin comes with the support of reCAPTCHA v3 and v2 Checkbox. The reCAPTCHA v3 allows users to navigate site without solving “I’m not a robot” challenges.

View on WordPress.org
Drupal 8 Logo

Icon API for Drupal 8 / Drupal 8 module


A Drupal 8 module that integrates icons to the Blocks, Menu Items, Filters, and Fields throughout the Drupal website. This module was developed as part of the Google Summer of Code (GSoC) project.

View on Drupal
WP Media Metadata Fix WordPress Plugin Logo

WP Media Metadata Fix / WordPress plugin


WP Media Metadata Fix fixes the metadata of the image. This plugins looks for _wp_attached_file, and _wp_attachment_metadata meta keys for each attachment and fixes the meta values by regenerating or updating the meta data.

View on WordPress.org

Crimson / A PHP library to handle HTTP requests


Crimson is a PHP library to handle the HTTP requests using custom classes in a clean way. It is built on top of the ReactPHP. This implementation structure of this library is inspired by Python's tornado framework.

View on Github
Wolfram Alpha Logo

Wolfram|Alpha Go / API Binding in Go lang


A Wolfram|Alpha Full Request API binding in Golang. This library is under development and is developed because of the absence of Go lang binding at Wolfram|Alpha API Language Libraries.

View on Github
WooCommerce Phone Field WordPress plugin logo

WooCommerce Phone Field / WordPress plugin


This WordPress plugin when activated adds the phone field to both the shipping and billing address forms and makes that field required (or mandatory).

View on WordPress.org

Been part of...

Google Research exploreCSR Logo

Google Research exploreCSR / Mentor

JANUARY 2022 - MAY 2022

  • Mentoring historically marginalized groups to develop an awareness about the research in the field of Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Computer Vision, etc.
  • Working on the Google AIY Vision Kit using Raspberry Pi and Tensorflow to develop an ML project presentable in the Symposium at the end of the semester.
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Google Code-In (GCI) Logo

Google Code-In / Mentor with Drupal


  • Mentored pre-university students on the bite-sized tasks and how to get involved with open-source contributions as part of Google Code-In with Drupal.
  • Reviewed tasks completed by the students.
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Google Summer of Code (GSoC) logo

Google Summer of Code / Student Developer with Drupal

MAY 2019 - SEPTEMBER 2019

  • Worked on porting the Drupal 7 Icon API module’s procedural code to Drupal 8 object-oriented code that has incompatible code architecture and was one of 1,276 students from 63 countries who successfully completed the open-source project (Icon API) in 2019. This module is currently used by over 50 + live websites.
  • Attended weekly SCRUM meetings with the organization admin and mentor to report the progress of the project and wrote about it on my blog.
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HackGT 9 Happy Heart

HackGT 9 Happy Heart / Machine Learning and Real-time scraping


  • Happy Heart is a Machine Learning based web application that predicts if a person has a heart disease from the provided symptoms and connects the potential patients to the doctors with real-time scraping.
  • Presented the working demo at the HackGT 9 Expo at Georgia Tech in Klaus Building.
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KSU 2022 Spring Hackathon

KSU 2022 Hackathon by LexisNexis Risk Solutions / Enterprise Control Language

MARCH 2022

  • Developed a Youth-Mentor Matching System using Enterprise Control Language (ECL) with our custom weighing function by taking gender, education, distance, etc columns and weighting them by assigning different score to each column.
  • Presented the working prototype that received the 3rd place position, and got featured in the KSU News stories.
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KSU 2021 Hackathon by Microsoft

KSU 2021 Hackathon by Microsoft / Machine Learning Developer and Team Lead


  • Developed a deep-learning based Search Engine in 2 days capable of taking search text and returning closer results similar to what Bing, and Google search does.
  • Presented the working prototype that received the 1st place position, and got featured in the KSU News stories.
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HackGT 8

HackGT 8 / Mentor


  • HackGT is a 36-hour hackathon where students from across the world come together for a weekend to create innovative projects that show off their creativity and passion for development.
  • Mentored HackGT 8 Emerging and General Hackers from Georgia Tech or other universities in the United States with their technical queries on their hackathon projects.
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AsyncFedKD: Asynchronous Federated Learning with Knowledge Distillation / Poster

June 2023

  • AsyncFedKD is a new method for training machine learning models for medical applications on edge devices.
  • It protects patient privacy by using federated learning and improves training speed by using a faster model to train a smaller, efficient model for slower devices with Knowledge distillation asynchronously.
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